Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
Chronicles of Vladimir Tod

Only the most infamous creatures Rome the night .. So beware of the woods ..
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 !!!! Rules !!!!!

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PostSubject: !!!! Rules !!!!!   10/16/2010, 12:47 am

Hey everyone this is you head ADMIN Damian we have had some changes in our STAFF and there has been allot of changes again to the site I couldn't believe it ..This site has been one of the top vampire sites yet and as of now we have these topics on the site and there is also a marvel section for all of you that like to and wanted to post there still ..But our topics that are our main things are all about Chronicles of Vladimir Tod..And we also have these new admins .

Head Admin : Damian
1st Admin : WES
2nd Admin : Kyoko

3rd ( MARVEL UNIVERSE ): Kitty Pryde
4th ( MARVEL UNIVERSE ) : Karuma

These are our new admins and our site is also yours but can you keep the site PG - 13 / Mature noting need to get out of control .
No Drama is allowed in the sites CB ( AKA Chat Box )
Every one on the site gets 3 strikes until they are banned for a week .If they make a new person before the week is up they will be banned for good .
Now my site is your site and I hope you enjoy ..
And for everyone now there are people who haven't had the pleasure of read this series so now please use spoliers .
EVERYONE ENJOY the site ..

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!!!! Rules !!!!!
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